Have you ever wondered why we do things that we do? What exactly is the driving force behind all our actions? What is it that we are seeking through everything that we do? 


I don't know about you guys but I have done majority of things in my life simply for no reason at all. And that’s why I find it strange when people ask me why are you doing this or that? I simply couldn’t answer this question.

Whether I played cricked, sold T-shirts, dropped out of school and then from engineering, from endless typing to writing poetries to now doing Photography. I don’t know why I do certain things; I just do.

I find reasoning and logic to be a very strange phenomenon. Whenever people are asked about the very reason of doing things in life, they just start philosophizing things and start talking about purpose, aim, target, deadlines, objectives, dreams, aspirations and all those beautiful sounding words.


But if you ask me, I literally have no clue about why I do things. I have a very short and direct answer to this question and that is “I don’t know” I just do things. I find happiness in the very act of doing things, the outcome doesn’t attract me at all, as deep down I know that everything is hollow and holds no meaning at all. At best, things and achievements can give you relative happiness/peace for a limited period of time and then it all just fades away.


So, I simply try to find my peace and happiness in the very act of doing a particular thing. I am a kind of person who enjoys the traveling part more than the destination. Destination holds no real meaning to me, as just when you reach your destination everything comes to a halt. Your journey stops. And it’s only the journey that I enjoy. I enjoy being in the feeling of love rather than actually loving the person. As being in a loving state is totally in your hand, but if you become obsessed with actually getting that love back from somebody, then that’s not at all in your hand, and you start suffering because of that. 



I guess in life, it’s more important to just submit yourself completely while doing a particular thing. Don’t think too much about the outcome or what will you get in return, instead of hoping for returns, just enjoy the very act of doing that particular thing. 



I understand that no matter what, still there are things that we have to do in order to get something out of it and there is no problem in that. But every once in a while we should ask ourselves, are we doing things that gives us true happiness or are we just too much engrossed in the daily transactions of our lives, doing things for the sake of momentary returns. I know practicality, logic, wit has a place in our world but I can tell you this with full conviction that these things might give you what you have desired but they can't take you far in life as far as true happiness or freedom is concerned. 


So cherish what you have right now. In the fight for becoming affluent, don't lose touch with Love, Passion, Poetry, Inner Calling, Freedom, Travel and much more that really fills us with life. 


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