09. July 2020
I guess in life, it’s more important to just submit yourself completely while doing a particular thing. Don’t think too much about the outcome or what will you get in return, instead of hoping for returns, just enjoy the very act of doing that particular thing.

30. May 2020
Once our basic needs are met, there exists with the human species an inborn desire to pursue happiness. We all are seeking happiness in one way or the other. For me, happiness has always been linked with creativity, which simply means to express myself in one way or the other. It can be anything, from photography to poetry.

23. May 2020
The Corona virus is causing widespread concern and affecting businesses around the world, from large corporations to smaller ones. Global stock markets have plunged, restaurants are reporting fewer patrons, and the travel sector is getting hammered. But how will this affect the Photography Industry? Here are four ways COVID-19 is impacting the photography industry and things we can do to mitigate its impact.

22. May 2020
There can be n number of reasons for doing a particular thing in a particular way. The same applies here as well. When I started clicking photographers, I did it because of the sheer fun of pointing a camera towards everything and just pressing the shutter button. But with time this random habit became much more deliberate and critical. I had no clue when was the first time I converted a colour photograph into black and whites. I guess that happened randomly.

20. February 2020
Are you interested in improving your photography skills. But don't know how to do it. Don't worry. I have got you covered. Here are 10 amazing photography books that you can read and instantly improve your photography skills.

17. January 2020
As a photographer, before jumping onto a paid collaboration with fashion models or bloggers. There are certain things that need to be taken care of. Here are a few points you need to check before collaborating with any model.