We all live in a world where we are always on the edge. We are always on the run to reach somewhere, I don’t know where. We are in a rat race with someone we don’t even know about. We are running and running and running a never-ending marathon which is never ever going to end. We long to be somewhere in this world other than where we are right now. All our lives we have been told that meeting and losing people is a part of the process. In life’s journey, we find some and we loose some, that’s normal. And all our life we have been living on this philosophy, without questioning, without doubting it even a bit.

These images reflect a person who has been deserted and has been cast aside in life by people around him. People betrayed him like anything. Some left him for being extra career oriented, some left him for others and some simply started ignoring. I don’t know whether it is important to leave people halfway in order to make your life better or it's important to hurt someone to make yourself feel better. We meet people in our life, we spend time with them, share memories with them and yet in a moment, they are all gone. For a normal human being, it’s very easy to take it normally and move further in life. But with artists, somewhere it becomes a very daunting task to get away with things, to move on in life. They kind of stick to one incident and spend their whole life to understand what had really happened. Contemplation, sorrows are the after effects of it. People have to be a little patience with artists. It’s not that they are not normal human beings but they are the ones who do not react according to the society’s norms. They are the highly emotional beings on this planet, for them, logic and common sense are very alien like things. They react according to the emotions, feelings, and passion. Reactions can be out of your imaginations. They can be very aggressive at a moment and very delicate in next. It’s hard to understand their psyche sometimes. These images show the dark side of a person. The loneliness and troubled life of a person who has been ignored and deserted for no reasons. Just some fragments and abstracts of that troubled life.

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    Yogesh Upadhyay (Wednesday, 31 January 2018 07:08)

    Very nice photography &
    Best all India photographs vipin Baloni....!!!!!