24. February 2018
Recently, I have got a chance to do a project for Hotel Empire Inn, which is located at the beautiful Greenwood City in Gurgaon. It was a lovely experience to shoot with them. A nicely built hotel along with its beautiful interior. The hotel is mainly subjected to a lot of foreign visitors, especially the patients of Max Hospital which is located nearby.
31. January 2018
We all live in a world where we are always on the edge. We are always on the run to reach somewhere, I don’t know where. We are in a rat race with someone we don’t even know about. We are running and running and running a never-ending marathon which will never ever going to end. We long to be somewhere in this world other than we are right now. All our lives we have been told that meeting and losing people is a part of the process. In life’s journey, we find some and we lose some, that’s normal.