Before Collaborating With Models

As a photographer, before jumping onto a paid collaboration with fashion models or bloggers. There are certain things that need to be taken care of.

Here are a few points you need to check before collaborating with any model.


1. Authenticity Of The Blogger And Model

You need to check whether the person you are planning to do a shoot with is authentic or not. If they call themselves fashion bloggers, please go and check their bio and see for a link to their blogs. I have literally checked so many Instagram accounts of people who call themselves fashion bloggers or personal bloggers. What I found out was quite surprising. They have never managed to write even a single blog in their life where they could be giving out some content that holds any value to others. Yet they call themselves fashion bloggers and charge other photographers for any collaboration. They charge other photographers when they themselves have never paid for any of their shoots in the name of free collaborations.


Photographers should at least check the credibility of people who call themselves fashion bloggers or models before jumping into a paid collaboration with them. Only you know how much it cost to buy equipment. And how easy it is to give money to people who are of no real value. And who is just using you to make their Instagram look cool.


PS: There are indeed so many professional models who have invested an enormous amount of money in making a strong professional looking portfolio. And then after working day in and day out. After shooting for so many big brands and making their personal brand a hit, then they start charging for their services. I totally respect those people.



"man posing in an amazing fashion photo shoot"



2. The Goals Of Collaboration Should Be Loud And Clear

Be sure of the goals for which you are doing the collaboration. Before you get started clearly define your goals. Influencer Marketing can increase your brand awareness through referral traffic, testimonials. Ask yourself the following:


· Would you like to grow your Instagram following?


· Would you like to get more referral traffic?—?building more links to your website and hence increasing your SEO?


· Would you like to get more testimonials so you can generate more trust


· Would you like to increase your sales


· Is there a specific product you want to start promoting


· Do you want people to sign-up to your newsletter and get more subscribers


· OR all of the above?


It’s best to pick any one goal and then go about it. That will make it simple and easy to implement.


3. Check Their Engagement Rate

If the other person is charging you for a collaboration then its supremely important to keep a note of their engagement rate. As there is no point in giving somebody money when in return, they are not providing you enough value in exchange. Just keep this simple thing in mind that if someone is asking you for money then it means it’s a kind of business transaction and in every business transaction you need to weigh down each and every aspect of a certain action. Be mindful about it and take charge of things on your hand. Now is the time when anybody and everybody can buy fake followers and claim to be a fashion or brand influencer. Hence, having a large followers count is of no value. Be sure to calculate their follower’s engagement rate.


· Less than 1% = low engagement rate


· Between 1% and 3.5% = average/good engagement rate


· Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate


· Above 6% = very high engagement rate


There are many online apps out there to calculate Instagram’s engagement rates. It is very easy do it. You can do it yourself.



"man posing for a portrait shoot"



4. Check Out Their Professional work

Before consider someone worthy enough of your money for a collaboration. Consider this simple step in mind. Check out if they have done any professional work as in, if they have worked with any top brands or photographers lately. As if they are charging you money then on what basis they are charging you money. Do they have that much amount of credibility and value proposition in their personal brand name.



"female posing for a dark intense portrait shoot in delhi"



5. Uploading Plain General Photos With Dogs And While Eating In A Fancy Restaurant Does Not Count As A Photo shoot. Period.

This is a very simple yet mostly neglected aspect in considering someone a professional model. There are a lot of people out there on Instagram who just post photos with their cute dogs or random photos while having dinner in a fancy restaurant. These images are called general everyday images. They have nothing to do with you being a professional model or blogger. Check them out also. Don’t just fall for beautiful faces or figures. Not everybody who looks good is a model. Modelling is a very unique skill set that needs hard work, dedication and passion.



"an artist posing for a photo shoot



Last but not the least. Keep one thing always in mind. All these steps are useful only when someone is demanding your money in lieu of a collaboration. You need to be aware of all these things when keeping a paid collaboration in mind. Otherwise if it’s a creative collaboration where no money is exchanged, then you don’t need to bother about all these things. Just do it for the sake of creating something unique and special.


The whole idea behind writing this post is to make photographers aware of what is going on these days specially on Instagram. Any other random Insta guy or girl is claiming to be a model without even having a professional portfolio of them done by a professional photographer. I have myself suffered it quite a number of times, When I am being asked for a collaboration in which I have to pay the other person and that too any random guy or girl with fake followers and having no professional shoot of their own.



I hope this has been helpful. Any questions, please ask away. I’m not just a photographer, but also loves to write and share my views on the subject and loves to chat and discuss. Feel free to reach out anytime. 


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    Kajal Dadas (Friday, 25 January 2019 06:29)

    I absolutely agree with all the rules there are so many photographrs also doing the same things and I think so this was best answer to all models and photographrs for there confusion.