About me


Beyond the hustle of our everyday struggle, there exists a world of dreams. That is where I live. 


A self-taught photographer and filmmaker obsessed with dark stories of love and addiction, I try to capture the moods and emotions that write each individual story, a new chapter with every frame.


My area of interest is Portrait, Documentary & Editorials. I try to shoot in more of a conceptual way. I am a big time Black & White lover and always enjoy playing with light & shadows, creating beautiful yet subtle changes with textures, shapes, forms and patterns. 


In the day and age of Colour, Glitz & Glamour, I still prefer to shoot the old school way, allowing a sense of rawness and authenticity, in my work. And Black & White helps me in doing that. 


Currently based out of New Delhi, I'm always looking for interesting projects to work on -  not just editorial and commercial but collaborative projects with like-minded people.