About me

As Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī said 


“Out beyond


ideas of wrong-doing


and right-doing there is a field.


I’ll meet you there”


Beyond the hustle of our everyday struggle, there exists a world of dreams. This is where I live. 


A self-taught photographer and filmmaker obsessed with dark stories of love and addiction, I try to capture the moods and emotions that write each individual story, a new chapter with every frame.


My area of interest is Portrait, Fashion & Editorials. I try to shoot in more of a conceptual and intensive way. I always enjoy playing with light & shadows and creating beautiful yet subtle changes in texture and palate. 


Besides that, I love shooting Architecture, Hotels and Travel images. You can check my hotel work. Click Here


Born and raised in the northern part of India. I currently live in New Delhi, India and always up for freelancing photo stories and assignments all over the globe.