Once our basic needs are met, there exists with the human species an inborn desire to pursue happiness. We all are seeking happiness in one way or the other. For me, happiness has always been linked with creativity, which simply means to express myself in one way or the other. It can be anything, from photography to poetry.


 The happier I am, the more creative I am. Or in a more metaphysical way, the happier I am, the more open I am to inspiration and creativity. As if joy, laughter and contentedness can set our antennas in perfect harmony with source of all creativity.

You must have come across many numbers of studies and books that shows journaling to be a healthy quality that is linked with happiness. It turns out that journaling is a powerful tool that not only frees the blocked Creator but also increases happiness. 



Any “Artist” – be you painter, screenwriter or photographer – will benefit from getting the “juices flowing.” I can attest to this. When I’m on it, I’m ON it creatively.

There are many artists, independent creators or legendary leaders who have shared the positive aspects of keeping regular journals or writing down their thoughts on a diary or anywhere you like on a regular basis.


[aside, I use Google Keep for my journaling or writing down my Poetries. And it allows me to pull my journals up anywhere, computer or phone…]



But the other benefit of regular journaling, is an elevated mood. University of Hertfordshire psychology professor Richard Wiseman wrote the research-backed “59 Seconds: Think a Little, change a Lot” which boils down peer-reviewed scientific studies on happiness into an entertaining, simple reduction. Ultimately, journaling distils into five main types, the conjunction of which can have a profound impact on one’s happiness:


1)      Expressive Writing. Put your feelings down on paper and watch your self-esteem grow and your smile widen


2)      Gratitude Journaling. There’s been plenty of this bandied around the web recently, and for good reason. Spend 15 minutes listing that which you are grateful for.


3)      Describe your Perfect Self. Recall a time in your life when everything just…clicked. That amazing experience. A high point in your happiness history.


4)      Affectionate Writing. Now this one is win-win: Write to a person you love or care about and tell them how much they mean to you and why.


5)      Progressive Review. Make a record of all that is going well in your life. Not the progress you’ve made towards goals you have set. Don’t dwell on the obstacles –– focus on the breakthroughs.


Sure, it’s becoming a challenge to fit into each day all the stuff we should do. Between the daily exercise, yoga, meditation and to-do listing it’s hard enough to find time for the 9-5 stuff that MUST get done. But the rewards of happiness –– as opposed to the age-old mentality of the tortured, brooding artists –– are too substantial –– and immediate –– to be ignored.



If only blogging counted…but it doesn’t…Skip that b/s email to a buddy and write for 10 minutes everyday next week. 


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