Are you interested in improving your photography skills. But don't know how to do it. Don't worry. I have got you covered. Here are 10 amazing photography books that you can read and instantly improve your photography skills.

Whether you're a beginner photography enthusiast and you want to know the easy techniques to for taking professional looking photos, or you are a seasoned photographer in need of some inspiration, our 220+ pages and  47 Creative Photography & Photoshop Projects has everything you need and more. We’ve packed in hundreds of crucial tricks and techniques that are certain to improve your photography skills right now ! 

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This is an updated and newly revised edition of the classic book The Art of Photography (originally published in 1994), which has often been described as the most readable, understandable, and complete textbook on photography. With well over 100 beautiful photographic illustrations in both black-and-white and color, as well as numerous charts, graphs, and tables, this book presents the world of photography to beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers seeking to make a personal statement through the medium of photography. Without talking down to anyone, or talking over anyone's head, Barnbaum presents "how to" techniques for both traditional and digital approaches. Yet he goes well beyond the technical, as he delves deeply into the philosophical, expressive, and creative aspects of photography so often avoided in other books.

Bruce Barnbaum is recognized as one of the world's finest landscape and architectural photographers and for decades has been considered as one of the best instructors in the field of photography. This latest incarnation of his textbook, which has evolved, grown, and has been refined over the past 35 years, will prove to be an ongoing, invaluable photographic reference for years to come. It is truly the resource of choice of the thinking photographer. 

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Thomas Leuthard is a street photographer from switzerland, started in 2009. In his ebook, he writes about his approach to street photography full with inputs based on his experiences all through these years. If you are interested in street photography, this is one resource you must really check out. 

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This dissertation introduces a new approach to everyday photography,which solves the longstanding problems related to focusing images accurately.The root of these problems is missing information. It turns out that conventional photographs tell us rather little about the

light passing through the lens. In particular, they do not record the amount of light traveling

along individual rays that contribute to the image.They tell us only the sum total of light

rays striking each point in the image.

To make an analogy with a music-recording studio,

taking a conventional photograph is like recording all the musicians playing together, rather

than recording each instrument on a separate audio track.

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Straightforward and entertaining, this is the ultimate source for people seeking real how-to advice from the editors and photographers of National Geographic. It is carefully designed to lead the amateur photographer to better pictures and is comprehensive in scope, explaining the entire process from choosing a camera to taking the pictures to printing, scanning, and archiving the images. 

The National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide to Photography spells out the basics of fine photography—whether you are using a digital SLR or a film camera—as well as more advanced techniques for the amateur photographer. From the top twelve color moves to creative gift ideas to quality camera phone photography, this guide will not only inspire you but also arm you with the practical know-how to get great images. It is the indispensable reference for photographers everywhere.

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Going Candid is a brand new eBook by Thomas Leuthard (85mm). The book brings an unorthadox approach to street photography for the digital age and provides a number of useful tips and tricks on how to approach people, getting closer to them and get the best out of you street experience.


Thomas’s workflow starts without a camera and ends in the galleries of this World. It’s not about the decisive moment or how you setup your camera. It’s more about the approach of getting a success-ful street photographer who will build a successful community around the World.It’s all about sharing and socializing. You will be taken to a journey through the big cities of this World looking into the eyes of strangers. Candid is the key word and you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for an exclusive book which will change your life as a street photographer.

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Insights from Beyond the Lens is a short new book from landscape photographer Robert Rodriguez Jr that explores the art and craft of landscape photography from a holistic perspective. Based on real world experiences as a photographer as well as an instructor, speaker, and blogger, Robert distills his approach to capturing evocative images in a series of essays based on his popular Beyond the Lens blog.


Beautifully illustrated with Robert's original photographs, you'll get an inside look at the mental process Robert uses when he's in the field scouting and making his images. 


While many books focus on the gear and technology, the aim here is to look inside the motivation, passion, and vision involved in successful landscape photography. Go behind the scenes as Robert explains how several images were made, how he draws inspiration from the Hudson River School of painters, and what resources he recommends for further exploration.

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Hi, my name's Victoria Bampton, and I'm the author of the 'Adobe Lightroom- The Missing FAQ' series of books. I'm an Adobe Community Professional and Certified Expert, but more importantly, I'm a real user, just like you. You probably recognize my name from one of the many Lightroom or other photographic forums I frequent. I love spending time helping Lightroom users get the best out of the software! In fact, that's where this book started - certain questions come up repeatedly on the forums, and none of the available books seem to answer them - or if they do, you have to read the entire book to find the answer. I wanted to be able to recommend an easy reference book - one that you can pick up and skip straight to the answer you're looking for - but there wasn't one. Instead, I sat down and compiled a list of questions directly from the forums, and wrote jargon-free answers as if I was answering a user on the forums. This is the information you actually want to know, in an easy reference format. It's as simple as that!

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Providing readers with a study of learning how to turn poorly lit images into finely crafted, masterfully lit photographs, this guidebook instills photographers with the self-confidence to think on their feet and photograph any portrait subject anywhere. Acclaimed photographer Neil van Niekirk presents seven distinctly different lighting scenarios—available light, exposure metering, a touch of flash, bounced on-camera flash, off-camera flash, video light, and hard sunlight—to show readers how to manipulate the direction and quality of light, the subject’s and photographer’s position, and numerous other variables so as to turn a bad image into a stunning, professional-level portrait. Packed with dozens of instructional, full-color photos, this work also features 10 sample photo sessions, allowing readers the opportunity to see the seven lighting scenarios put to practice.

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Sometimes photographers have to shoot in less than ideal lighting situations. Maybe the wedding is mid-day in the middle of a field, or perhaps the event is in a florescent-lit room. These scenarios can be particularly intimidating for beginning photographers who don't know how to handle the many undesirable lighting situations they may encounter.

In Shooting in Sh*tty Light, professional photographers Lindsay Adler and Erik Valind cover the top ten worst lighting situations and provide a variety of solutions for each. They explain which solutions are most practical and why one option might be preferable over another, examining such problems as extremely low lighting when no flash is allowed, strong backlight, and the light on an overcast day.

 Unlike other books that focus on natural light or lighting in general, this book addresses a very real need of beginning photographers, answering the question, “What do I do when the lighting is terrible?” Lindsay and Erik candidly show you the tools at your disposal, demonstrating the techniques essential to getting the job done with minimal fuss. 

Shows how to deal with ten of the worst lighting situations, such as harsh midday light, extremely low light, and mixed light.

Offers real-life examples and practical solutions for handling poor light, such as identifying natural reflectors, bouncing light off a wall, or utilizing flash gels. 

Features a fun, conversational style to help you conquer the fear of poor lighting and approach any lighting situation with confidence!

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